There is no great weekend without a party!    "Saying from Hollywood" 

Whether you have in mind Baptism, Birthday, Bar/Bath Mitzvah, New Year, Rosh Hashanah, End of The School Year,  or "Custom Success Day", iMarshmallows spearheaded new rule for all Geneva families....."Party doesn't need a reason, but the entertainment".

We tailored amazing party options for all age categories, from 'Tiny Tots' to 'Teenagers', where the only rule is to be there and have fabulous time! Our very experienced entertainers prepare the whole scene, games, and activities with insight and prep-up all the materials needed. 

Basically, parents have fun and children have their high time!

"For those who like to just show up......"

Why adding stress to your already intense parenting? Sit back, have yourself fabulous shopping time with a cup of coffee, while we prepare your little one's party from A-Z. iMarshmallows provides everything from catering, deco, costumes, games, music, balloons, amazing hand made cakes- to the whole entertainment scoop. Just send us an inquiry with your desired theme, place, timing, colours and preferences and iMarshmallows party designer will tailor your dream idea into One Unforgettable Event with everything it asks: 'ambiance, deco, catering and splendid program as well". 

  • Premiere Cookie League
  • Olympic Champs
  • Superhero Break Out
  • Princess Reunion
  • Frozen Chill Out 
  • Musical Talents
  • Harry Potter
  • Magician & Cie.
  • Pirates bestseller
  • Halloween Bash
  • Costume Contest
  • Baby Theme
  • Christmas & Winter Influential
  • Marionettes Theatre
  • Clown Fun Party
  • Musicians of Hollywood
  • BrainQuest Party
  • Sign Language
  • Pyjama Party
  • Nature Discovery
  • Dancers Unleashed
  • North Pole Reunion
  • African Animals VIP
  • Personally Tailored Theme


iMarshmallows is here for You, busy and active folks, to make your parenting stressless and comfortable. Needing a babysitter last second or day to yourself, or else you will go bananas? iMarshmallows makes sure, your little ones are in great hands having a Ball, whether at your place, having a field trip with our skilled babysitter or at iMarshmallows residence. Upon inquiry, we provide healthy nutritious lunch or snack, available also in vegan and gluten-free version. As part of our services, group babysitting for out-going parents can be organised by clicking inquiry. 


Whether it's very cold outside or you need to finish your assignment, whatever the reason, iMarshmallows offers Pick-up/Drop-off services from door to door. Our iMarshmallows Fairy will pick up your child and bring him/her to activity or school and back home or to designated place. Not only that! You can reserve Bio Lunch or Snack for your child, coming with the Carpool. There are three possibilities open for those who aren't gluten friendly. The life could not be easier with iMarshmallows Children Concierge.


Choice Spiderman:
Beef & Rice & Greens

Choice Pluto: 
Fish(Perch or Cabillaud) & Potatoes & Veggies
Fruit Cake

Choice Mickey:
Gluten free Pasta with Veggie Sauce
Gluten Free Bar

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Made by iMarshmallows with love, affection and dedication to all children.

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